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BioAgonomics - redefining farm value with biologicals
Illinois Ag Connection - 03/01/2024

DPH Biologicals, committed to a science-backed approach, announced a multi-year effort to quantify the complete value of biological solutions, going beyond just yield increases. This initiative, named BioAgonomics™, aims to empower farmers to understand the full potential of biological products.

Previously, return-on-investment was primarily measured by yield. DPH Bio recognizes the broader, long-term value delivered by biologicals, including improved soil health, water efficiency, and disease control.

Field studies support these claims. A three-year corn trial using TerraTrove SP-1 Classic demonstrated an average yield increase of 2.5 bushels per acre along with improved fertilizer efficiency.

"Yield remains important, but we believe measuring the holistic value of biologicals across the entire farm is crucial," stated DPH Bio President and CEO, Mick Messman. BioAgonomics™ is a new approach capturing this broader value proposition.

For instance, a multi-year study showed SP-1 Classic achieving an average yield increase of 6.5 bushels per acre in high-yield cornfields.

BioAgonomics™, as defined by DPH Bio, is the study of how agricultural practices interact with biologicals to unlock unique value. Its goal is to create sustainable profitability and innovation across the agricultural supply chain, benefiting growers, retailers, advisors, manufacturers, and food companies.

For example, TerraTrove™ Residuce Complete offers more than just yield increase and fertilizer savings. It acts as a biodigester, accelerating the breakdown of crop residue, unlocking valuable nutrients. A study revealed that corn stover holds significant amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Residuce, in field trials, achieved nearly 20% residue degradation, potentially translating to substantial fertilizer savings.

Furthermore, BioAgonomics™ considers additional factors like improved seedling emergence, reduced equipment wear, disease suppression, and enhanced plant standability, which can significantly impact farm operations and soil health.

DPH Bio collaborates with leading researchers, like those at the University of Illinois, to gather and analyze data, calculating the comprehensive value of biologicals beyond just yield.

"While field results are readily visible, we strive for more," said Messman. "The convergence of biologicals, agronomy, and economics holds the key to a triple bottom line impact, improving crop production, land stewardship, and rural livelihoods. We aim to provide growers with a comprehensive understanding of their investment in biologicals, empowering them for the future."

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